Branding 101

No matter what type of business or organization you have, good branding is essential for success. A good brand should help set you apart from your competitors and let your customers or audience know something about you.  The cornerstone of a successful brand is a great logo.

The Logo

Well known brands are instantly recognizable by their logo. It is well worth it to spend time carefully designing your logo. Think about how your logo will look online, in print, in color or black and white, large or small. You need a logo that looks good in variety of formats, because it is good practice to put your logo everywhere you can.

Your Branding Strategy

To develop a branding strategy you have to figure out what your goals are. Who is your target audience and how are you going to communicate your message to them? Some messages can be conveyed with a simple image, others need more verbal or text based explanation. Your mode of communication will depend on the needs and preferences of your target audience and the image you want to convey about your company.

Branding is not just about your audience, it very much about discovering the essence of what your company is about. Dig deep into the mission of your organization. Figure out what is unique about what you offer. Take into account any existing perceptions others have about your company. Envision what you want your company to be known for.

Once you decide on a brand and a branding strategy, be consistent in communicating your brand to all employees and your audience. Develop an organizational culture that is true to your brand. Your employees should interact with each other and with customers in a way that fits in with your branding strategy. Come up with a tagline and start using your logo and tagline everywhere you can (advertising, letterheads, website, emails, etc.).

Don’t be afraid to get help with your branding. Having a successful brand means not only more customers, but also being about to charge more than your competitors for similar products. Time and money spent early on in branding will pay off big time in the years to come.


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