Online Marketing

Online Marketing:
Online Marketing (a.k.a web marketing/online marketing/search engine marketing) includes a number of techniques used to promote your business via digital media and/or the web. These forms of promotion cover anything that can access the internet, such as: cell phones, iPads, Laptops, computers, etc. Interactive Marketing is highly effective and affordable, but can require patience. This is why it’s important to discuss your target market with a Levy Media Marketing representative to ensure you make the most of your advertising budget.

Making Your Business Grow in a Tough Economy
Many business owners make the mistake of cutting advertising costs to help with their company’s budget during a recession. However, research has consistently shown time and time again that this is a fatal mistake; companies that grow are often those that increase their advertising in a tough economy. It is important to make your dollar count.

The World Wide Web is a place of vast information. Your website needs to gain presence, and no matter how aesthetically pleasing, unless structured properly websites often fail to gain the necessary amount traffic they need to help your business grow.

Professional design is imperative, however the bottom line remains that poor structure renders your website ineffective. A good website captures both traffic—new visitors on a daily basis—and great design—making it all the more likely that visitors will return and/or purchase goods from your company.

We start by ensuring you have a good ranking on top search engines, like Google and Yahoo. However, we don’t stop there: Levy Media Marketing (LMM) takes Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that extra step. SEO is a complicated science, which takes time and dedication to fully utilize. This dynamic field of interest is always changing, requiring special attention and somewhat of an artistic knack to stay ahead of the curve. Here at LMM, we use everything from advanced software to collaborative partnerships nationwide to make sure your website gains the online repute necessary to bring clients to your website and convert them into paying customers.

We take time to understand our clients and their companies, so we can target their exact clientele. Effectively, through this process we are able to gather the information necessary to help our clients find their target market and gain profit.

Social Networking
In today’s technology-driven world, the internet has all but taken over other media forms as a primary means of communication. The potential for advertisement on social networking websites, such as: Facebook®, YouTube, LinkedIn™, and Twitter, is nearly limitless. With the ability to target out specific clientele and bring your company’s information right to their inbox or homepage, you make sure that your message is not only seen, it’s remembered. These low-cost marketing options allow your company to spread the word, bolster your client-list, and create a two-way communication with these clients that is guaranteed to build trust and reliability. Here at LMM, our team knows social networking, and more importantly, we know how to take advantage of this powerful resource to sculpt your online reputation and bring you clear results.

First, we work with you to get your company up and running with the social networking site(s) of your choice, incorporating your individual style to present a page that is one part artful illustration of your business, and ten parts sleek, efficient marketing. We discuss things like font options, color theory, and layout to give you the Facebook page or YouTube profile you need to professional represent your business, and will also talk about which networking sites might be most advantageous for your company to advertise with. In addition to basic set-up and layout work, LMM can also take it a step further and manage your monthly, weekly, or even daily updates on your social networking pages. This is widely variable depending on the sites you wish to advertise with and could include anything from uploading new videos, to sending daily updates to potential clients, to increasing your “friends list” by dozens a day.

Our goal is to minimize your workload, allowing you to focus on the parts of your business that need you the most. So, let the Levy Media Marketing handle the web stuff, so you can enjoy working your passion.

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