5 Great Things About WordPress

If you are looking to build a website for your business or personal use, one of the biggest questions that needs answered is: what you will use to build your site? Depending on what your site needs to be able to do and who will be developing it, the best answer to that question will vary. It is difficult to know for sure what will work best for you until you have tried several different approaches. At Levy Media Marketing, we have experience with a variety of different content management systems (CMS) and software – we have built sites with everything from Notepad to Dreamweaver – that are used to make websites. In this first of a series of similar articles, I would like to share, from my experience, what I like best about WordPress (other CMSs to follow).

  1. Ease of Use: WordPress is by far the easiest CMS to use that I know of. The main reason for this, in my opinion, is the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor. This makes creating a page or post similar to creating a document with a Word Processor. If you can use Microsoft Word, then you can probably make a basic WordPress site.
  2. Copy and Paste Works: If you have ever tried to copy and paste text from different sources into your CMS then you know that it doesn’t always work the way you expected it to. I have had the least amount of copy and paste issues when using WordPress, as compared to other CMSs. This can make editing and updating go a whole lot faster.
  3. Drag and Drop Media: When uploading images, all you need to do is drag and drop the image. This may not seem like a big deal, but it probably takes twice as long find the file, click it, and click “upload.” Furthermore, with WordPress you can upload multiple files at a time using the drag-and-drop feature.
  4. Appearance: WordPress is the most intuitive CMS that I have used. Not just that it is visually appealing, but it is functional as well. Specifically, everything you need to manage your site has its own icon on a small sidebar. This leaves a large area for editing. You wont need to spend a lot of time navigating different menus trying to find what you need.
  5. Plug-ins: There are a lot of plug-ins. Think of plug-ins as little upgrades that can make your job easier or make your site do more. The plug-ins themselves can be a great help, but the process of installing a plug-in is also very easy on WordPress.

Keep in mind that other CMSs may be able to do these things as well. I am not saying that only WordPress has these qualities. I choose these five because they stood out in my experience of day to day use (mostly because they allowed me to do my job more efficiently). You may have a different criteria in mind for what you like about a certain CMS. Please share what you like about WordPress in the comments below.

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