5 Web Design Mistakes

Whether you’re a beginner or experienced web designer, you might fall into one of the many mistakes of design with the constantly changing field of web design. That’s why it’s important to not only consider the Crucial Elements of Web Design, but to also look at some of the most common mistakes before you begin. Below you’ll find our top five web design mistakes:

  1. Disorganization: Your website reflects the type of business you run and the work you do. If your site is difficult to navigate or doesn’t include common links (like Contact Us) in visible places, potential customers may lose interest.

  2. Boring: If you’re trying to grab your viewer’s attention, you’re not going to do it with boring layout, font, or articles. Make sure your site has some personality and doesn’t come out looking like a generic website.

  3. No Photographs: Building off of number two, photographs help to break up the text. If you don’t have photographs you run the risk of looking overwhelming and text heavy. Furthermore, photographs are one of the best ways to add depth and character to a webpage.

  4. No Place for Interaction: A contact form is incredibly helpful to the customer and to building your business. If there’s not an easy way for a customer to contact you, they’ll go elsewhere. Another related issue is a place for interaction, but no interaction taking place. When a customer contacts you, timeliness is key. Don’t ruin your credibility by taking too long to reply to a customer.

  5. Not Marketing to a Target Audience: A website should specifically look at a target audience. This means you need to do research on who you are selling your goods or services to, and then you need to consider how they would best respond to the information you have to share with them.

We hope this information is helpful to your online endeavors, and remember, we’re here to help if you need more information or have any questions.

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