Crucial Elements of Web Design

When you think about your website, what do you want to get across? How do you want to present your business? What factors are important to consider when deciding how to begin? Below you’ll find some crucial elements of web design that should be considered from the first stages.

  • Navigation: If your customer doesn’t know how to find information on your website, you’ll come off as disorganized and unapproachable. Make sure the key elements of your website, including contact information, are clear in your web design.

  • About Us: Let your customers and potential customers get to know you through the About Us section. What’s important for them to understand about the type of business you are running? How can you connect with them through this section to build a relationship? Keep it simple, but get your personality across.

  • Search tool: It can be incredibly frustrating trying to navigate a website with poor design with no search tools. Let the customer find what they want.

  • Color: Color conveys the personality of your business, but you don’t want to be overwhelming. Consider what colors complement your brand.

  • Images: Using images that relate to your business and catch the customer’s eye are not only essential, but also help to increase the search ranking of your site.

  • Content: What pages best help the customer to understand what you’re selling, why, and how you’re qualified to sell it? How often will you update content? Will you also include a blog? Which content pages are most important, and, therefore, should be most visible?

This is just a beginning list of what needs to be considered as you start the web design process. Thinking about these before you begin creating the website will help you to avoid complicated changes later, but you should always be prepared to revise as you go along.


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